Corporate and Social Responsibility



Corporate and social responsibility is perceived as a top priority at AZCO . Commitment to clients, employees, local communities, and the environment comes first for AZCO. Therefore, AZCO has adopted some specific principles to become a trusted and responsible company and employer. According to these principles, AZCO cares about the health and safety of its employees, protects the environment, conducts business in an ethical manner, promotes local economies, and supports the social life of people.


Partnering with the Communities and the Society



AZCO is not only responsible as a corporation, but also as a member of the societies it conducts business. Therefore, AZCO gives great importance to social responsibility activities, such as share value or give back programs. Local Communities also receive the support of AZCO through charity, sponsorship and donation programs AZCO believes that its work has full value only then when it helps and shares with others.

Working side by side with customers, communities, contractors, government entities, and local organizations, helps AZCO to establish common goals around project benefits and risks. This also allows AZCO to tailor its social investments and volunteer efforts to improve access to basic community needs. Therefore, AZCO is committed to supporting the communities that host its projects and offices.





AZCO is proud to support some of the mountaineering organizations , mountaineers as well as sport clubs in Azerbaijan and Iran such as the “Ganc dagchılar” and “Azer kuh Tabriz”.AZCO has its own team consisting of great sport lovers, who frequently attend various   mountaineering, swimming and biking organized by the company. Due to great interest and passionate love of AZCO founder and director Mr. Reza Shakouri   to different kinds of sport, he always supports, motivates as well as leads his team in such corporate events.




AZCO EPC believes that protecting the environment and conserving the natural resources are very important for the operational life of a project. Therefore, AZCO generates sustainable alternatives in the design, construction and management of its projects, including reducing material requirements, waste to landfill, and water and energy use. In many urban and remote communities where AZCO operates, it works collaboratively with different stakeholders to implement environmental sustainability programs to improve human health and local conditions, such as waste management, recycling, and conservation.