Fabrication Capabilities to Meet Client Needs

AZCO  offers a flexible approach to fabrication solutions, with a range of fabrication options to fit Clients’ specific needs.

AZCO’s comprehensive knowledge of EPC and project management (PM) allows AZCO to optimize Clients’ overall fabrication and construction configuration for cost and schedule advantages.


Advantages of Fabrication


  •     Early fabrication design to improve constructability
  •     Modularization-specific designs
  •     Focused material and equipment procurement planning to support off-site fabrication
  •     Advanced sourcing methods
  •     Global market knowledge / Global purchasing volume
  •     Supply chain / Logistics / Expediting
  •     Quality control / Quality assurance
  •     Environmental benefits to Clients


AZCO provides service of Fabrication, AZCO has joint venture Agreement with the biggest manufacture (TECH-MACH Company  )

In Azerbaijan and Caucasus.

Tech-Mach is located in city of Baku, the total area of the earth , covered is 123474.0 M2.

There are railroad lines at factory. Built in extents of railroad lines of 1,4 km. Activity of "Technological Machine Manufacturing " are manufacture of various metal designs in the field of heavy and light industry. The area of the basic case in a condition to carry out thousand tons of a metal ware. For carrying out of various operations at factory are available more than 300 various kinds of cars and the equipment.


The Main Equipment 


  •         The lathe of the different sizes
  •         Various universal vertical, horizontal, desktop and mobile drilling machines
  •         Horizontal and vertical Milling machines, engraving, planing, polishing, grinding and other machines
  •         The different sizes of hydraulic, a cranking, stamping presses of the sheets
  •         Various crank scissors
  •         The metal-cutting machine tool by means of gas and plasma 


The bridge cranes capable to lift different cargoes, manipulators for welding, various welding cars, ovens, condenser systems, the equipment falling asleep sand