Mission and Vission


Our mission is to be consistently preferred choice of our customers as an EPC company,  in  oil and gas, petrochemical, construction and mining sectors in Central Asia and the Caucasus. We are eager to the optimized implementation of project management by:

  •  Superior quality at the level of world standards in EPC field
  •  Attracting creative, professional employees who value teamwork approach

  •  Timely delivery and reasonable price with a minimum charge
  •  Providing safe and healthy environment for our  employees
  •  By supporting  social and environmental responsibility
  •  Ensuring the optimal use of technology and providing customer satisfaction



  • Our vision is to be a leader and pioneer in the field of EPC in Central Asia and the Caucasus at the level of world standards for timely fulfillment of customer needs by 2025 with the highest portfolio interests of all stakeholders.

  • We believe that our strength is in the people of the Company, in their growth and in their competences, experience, knowledge and flexibility to adapt to the challenges of the Modern Economy as well as in their capability to improve and enhance our performance in continuous and dynamic way.
  • It’s our ambitious target to be a fostering subject of development in the contest of the environment we are operating, firstly by the dissemination of our Values and Management practice