About Us

Brief information about our Company

“AZCO  Engineering-Procurement & Construction” Co is one of the best developed local EPC companies, with head office in Baku, Azerbaijan and  branches in Sweden and Iran.
AZCO provides professional technical services to the companies  that invest and develop in Industrial Projects.
Our company offers a range of specialized services such as Engineering, Procurement services ,  Construction Management, Fabrication & Construction, Commissioning & Start-up Support, Maintenance and Manpower services  in Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial and Infrastructural sectors.
Also, we are a member of Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (NCCA).


Quality Policy

The policy of AZCO EPC is to operate in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (latest Edition). It is our goal to gain formal recognition to other standards and regulatory requirements as applicable to customer’s expectations and needs.
AZCO EPC is committed to quality through continuous improvement, assuring that all provided services meet and exceed our customer’s specified requirements, leading to customer satisfaction, hereby establishing AZCO EPC as the leader of  regional  operational markets.


AZCO’s Commitments:

 Achieve customer satisfaction

 Zealous of system development and training the employers

 Continually improving the process and services

 Optimizing resources and reducing wastage.

In order to meet these commitments, AZCO EPC will, as far as it is reasonably practical to do so:

  • Establish, implement and maintain a written quality management system
  • Establish measurable and quantifiable goals and objectives
  • Provide the necessary information, advice and resources to ensure that employees are adequately   trained and understand this policy and its applicable requirements
  • Monitor and openly report on the performance of the Quality Management System
  • Audit the implementation of this policy to establish its effectiveness and facilitate continual improvement of this policy and the Quality Management System

This policy statement and the referenced Quality Management System have the complete support of the Senior Management who shall have the inclusive responsibility for ensuring their effectiveness.