Career Management

  • At Azco EPC, goal-oriented performance and competency development of employees are monitored on a yearly basis.
  • Employees who demonstrate the development required for promotion to the next job grade are either promoted within their current company or are transferred to another group company on the basis of group needs.
  • In order to ensure this development and create a potential candidate pool, employees benefit from a wide array of resources, including mentoring, coaching and leadership programs.
  • A significant portion of mid-level and top-level executives are recruited from within the group.

Compensation and Benefits


  • The compensation system of Azco EPC is based on employee competencies, as well as the contribution of job performance to the company, the degree of job difficulty and the level of responsibility.
  • For employees working as specialists and at higher grades, Azco EPC has carried out a job appraisal and grading project in consultation with the HAY Group. The compensation policy is annually reviewed through a compensation survey.
  • Compensation of employees working on a monthly salary basis is reviewed once annually, while compensation of employees working on an hourly pay basis is reviewed once or twice annually, depending on the given industry.

Non-Compensation Benefits
A bonus system is implemented on the basis of personal performance for periods during which the company has a positive performance.

Rewards: Recognition and a reward system are implemented at Azco EPC, which vary on the basis of group companies.

Performance Management System

  • Azco EPC and group companies measure employee performance targets in line with management principles.
  • Employee Performance is measured by a system that utilizes goals as well as competencies.
  • The Performance Assessment System is implemented twice a year, at an interim period and at year-end.
  • The Performance Management System provides input to Learning and Development, Career Management and Award Management processes.

Training and Development System

  • With its emphasis on human resources, Azco EPC's targets continuous learning and improvement. According to this perspective, annual training plans are prepared, taking into consideration employee demands, development areas for position-specific competencies, and personal and professional development needs.
  • This process is supported by leadership development programs on the basis of position and title, as well as mentoring and coaching activities.,
  • Upon completion of these training programs, participants' feedback is evaluated for ensuring continuous improvement in our training organization.
  • Mandatory professional training for employees working on an hourly basis and the training needs for difficult and hazardous jobs are analyzed and this training is provided by accredited institutions.

Recruitment Process

  • The recruitment process aims to match the right candidate with the suitable position. Applications from the Kibar Holding database, career portals and personal submissions are evaluated for available positions and candidates are invited to a screening interview.
  • After a screening interview with the Human Resources Department, candidates deemed suitable receive a series of tests including an attention test, a general ability test and a foreign language test, as well as a personality inventory assessment. Shortlisted candidates then meet with the appropriate line managers.
  • Candidates who are approved by line managers are presented with an offer after a reference check and compensation planning.
  • The candidate is hired upon accepting the offer. Employee induction is provided by orientation and WHS trainings.

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